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Christmas Party in Brisbane

brisbane christmas partyNeed to find a quality venue in Brisbane for your next office Christmas party?

Introducing Christmas Party Brisbane. They have been on the venue finding scene in Melbourne for many years now and have now expanded their services nationally.

No matter how large or small you workforce is, Christmas Party Brisbane can refer you to a suitable function room in no time at all.

This could save you hours of your own personal time inspecting venues to make sure all the boxes are ticked!

Simply fill in their easy to use form and you will receive information on venues and function rooms within your requirements.

This is an entirely free service that you are under no obligation to choose any of the selected venues.

The three major advantages of this service is:

  1. It’s FREE
  2. Obligation free
  3. It can save you plenty of time

Christmas Party Brisbane

Christmas Party in Melbourne

christmas party melbourneNeed to find a quality venue in Melbourne for your next office Christmas party?

Introducing Christmas Party Venues. They have been on the venue finding scene for many years now and have hundreds of fantastic venues on their books for Christmas parties.

Whether you work has 10 staff or thousands, Christmas Party Venues can refer you to a suitable venue within your requirements in no time at all. This could save you hours of your own personal time inspecting venues to make sure all the boxes are ticked! Now all you need to do is fill in their form and select what you want out of your proposed Xmas venue and you will get an email back with a venue short list.

How much does this all cost you might be asking yourself? Nothing. It is an absolutely FREE Service. So what are you waiting for? Check out their website today.

Christmas Party Venues

Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Work Christmas parties can be a lot of fun. They can be even more fun by making the party themed!

This can be great for large organisations who fill a hired venue with staff from different branches as it can encourage the employees to interact with each other.

Below are 23 of the top Christmas party themes that will see your company have a night enjoyed by all.

  1. Pop stars
  2. Bad taste
  3. Circus carnival
  4. Casino Royale
  5. Rocky Horror Show
  6. Halloween
  7. Pirate party
  8. Moulin Rouge
  9. Wild West
  10. Hollywood glamour
  11. Come as the party host
  12. Favorite T.V character
  13. Fairytales
  14. Alter Ego party
  15. Arabian Knights
  16. Leather & Lace
  17. Creatures of the night
  18. 1980’s Television personalities
  19. Masquerade
  20. Alphabet party
  21. Come as you were 10 years ago
  22. Come as you were 20 years ago
  23. Grease – 1950’s

There are hundreds more, only limited by your imagination. If you have a large workforce, we recommend booking your Christmas party venue early to avoid missing out on a function room close to your location.

Kris Kringle Ideas for your Christmas party

christmas party gifts, KK, Kris Kringle, Secret SantaSo your work has organised a Kris Kringle (Secret Santa) and you have a budget of around $10 – $15 to buy a gift for one of fellow workmates.

That’s not so hard, right?

But this year you have managed to draw some one out of the hat that you a) Don’t know very well. b) Hate with a passion, or c) Even worse … your boss!

There are a few different ways to go when selecting a Christmas present. You could:

  • Buy something they can use, such as a coffee mug.
  • Buy something thoughtful, maybe a picture frame with a team photo. Or some nice gift soaps.
  • Buy something they can eat or drink. Chocolates are always appreciated (if they are not diabetic), or maybe a nice bottle of wine.
  • Buy a tasteless joke present. The present is from someone anonymous, so why not go for maximum shock value!

You could try to gather a little bit of information on who you are buying for, if not from them, maybe another workmate who is closer to the person. They could be a keen gardener and a plant may be the perfect gift for them.

If they are the quiet type and spend most of their lunch break reading, a book or magazine may suit them. Magazines can be great as their are plenty of variety to suit their individual hobbies such as cars, computers, craft etc.

If you do go for the tasteless joke KK gift. Be sure to arrive at the Christmas party venue early, otherwise your fellow workmates may be able to later identify you as the person who bought the boss the leopard print G-string!

Do you have a funny story about about a past Christmas party or a great gift idea? Please post it below.